NRHA Nomination Program in Europe

Starting with the year 2013, only 4-year-old horses that have been entered into the new Nomination Program of der NRHA National Reining Horse Association are entitle to start at the NRHA European Futurity.

The horses nominated in Europe are entitled for the NRHA European Futurity for 4-year-old horses and the NRHA European Derby for 4- to 7-year-old horses.

In 2009 and 2010, more than 500 weanlings born in Europe were nominated each year. Until December 31 of the year a foal was born in, nomination is possible for € 230. After that date, nomination fee increases considerably.

The money gained by the NRHA Nomination Program in Europe, will flow into the purse of the NRHA European Futurity and Derby, which meand the more successful the European Nomination Program is, the more money will be paid out.

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Een bijzondere sponsoring voor de winnaar van de DRHA Buckle Trophey in de Limited Non Pro klasse in 2013

Een bijzondere sponsoring voor de DRHA in 2013, namelijk een boxspring. Deze boxspring is afkomstig van Jan Olthof en Erica Tromp.

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NRHA Handbook app

NRHA recently launched the NRHA Handbook app in the App Store! We will make updates each year and add more interactive functions in the future! Search for “NRHA” and download it for free!

De National Reining Horse Association heeft van het NRHA handbook een app gemaakt voor je Iphone of Ipad. deze is nu beschikbaar in de app store. Hierdoor kun je eenvoudig alle patterns en regels op je Iphone of Ipad door lezen!

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NRHA Professional Application2014

Renew for all NRHA professional Application 2014!

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Executive Committee approved the Professionals Committee’s recommendation regarding retroactive professional memberships for 2014.

Professionals Sharing Wisdom

The NRHA Professionals Committee developed a program to serve as a connection between NRHA and its affiliates. This Top 20 Program has been designed to utilize the talent and celebrity status of NRHA’s top riders to connect with, educate and motivate green and seasoned riders who want to learn and improve their skills. The NRHA Top 20 Program is for NRHA’s top professional riders to serve as ambassadors for Reining and provide experiences for NRHA members, riders and horses.